Sunday, August 21, 2011

Gravel Worlds Results!

Here are the results listed by caterogy. Time reflects amount of ride time. Please let me know if you see any discrepancies. Thanks to all that participated. Lining up for a race on the edge of town before sunrise knowing the weather is threatening along with the reality of having to walk miles of muddy roads takes a lot of courage. Much respect from the PCL crew! We're already excited for next year!

Open Men
First name Last name Time Place
Greg Shimonek 10:38:30 1
Brady Murphy 10:45:56 2
Dale Pinkelman 11:08:30 3
Lucas Marshall 11:18:00 4
Kevin Burke 12:04:08 5
Trevor Madden 12:18:22 6
Rich Wince 12:21:34 7
Eric Finks 12:25:33 8
Paul Chapman 12:25:33 9
Michael Dixon 12:25:33 9
James Blake 12:36:17 11
Chris Karpowicz 12:36:59 12
Kevin Collings 12:40:38 13
John Williams 12:46:28 14
Chris Burger 12:48:49 15
Ted Lechnowsky 12:55:25 16
Randy Gibson 13:11:06 17
Ben Swan 13:12:10 18
Steve Cannon 13:12:36 19
Marcus Mancini 13:28:08 20
Al Brunner 13:39:32 21
Jeremy Eisenhauer 13:40:25 22
Jason Bakewell 13:42:00 23
Carlos Monzon 13:42:47 24
Andrew Keffer 14:01:56 25
Scott Kiddoo 14:03:30 26
Scott Noel 14:03:30 26
Tim Mohn 14:28:50 28
Aaron Schnee 14:30:00 29
Lane Bergen 14:30:35 30
Rob Livermore 14:48:43 31
Wesley Trout 14:53:35 32
Eric Benjamin 15:02:05 33
Scott Bridges 15:14:50 34
Oak Williams 15:16:05 35
Phillip Clark 15:27:05 36
Tim Kelsey 15:27:05 36
Devin O'Brien 15:27:05 36
Chris Goodall 15:35:20 39
Scott Redd 15:35:20 39
Carl Gauger 15:51:30 41
Scott Ideen 16:46:30 42
Lucas Orth 16:46:30 42
Brandon Wachal 16:46:30 42
Andrew Amen DNF DNF
Alfred Berchtold DNF DNF
Matt Bergen DNF DNF
Chris Blackstock DNF DNF
Jordan Brasch DNF DNF
Conrad C. DNF DNF
Mark Chapin DNF DNF
Brian Drahota DNF DNF
Matt Fuller DNF DNF
Matt Gersib DNF DNF
Shane Harders DNF DNF
Robert Kay DNF DNF
Randy Kinney DNF DNF
Corey Knop DNF DNF
Daniel Kroll DNF DNF
Zane Languis DNF DNF
Delan Lonowski DNF DNF
Brian Luciani DNF DNF
Mike Marsh DNF DNF
David McLeod DNF DNF
Gus Miller DNF DNF
Ian Moore DNF DNF
Scott O'Mara DNF DNF
Russell Parde DNF DNF
Phillip Rudebusch DNF DNF
Phil Stake DNF DNF
Paul White DNF DNF
Kevin Wilkins DNF DNF
Jim Winklepleck DNF DNF
Todd Wixon DNF DNF
Dan Zieg DNF DNF
Jake Anderson DNS DNS
Bruce Anderson DNS DNS
Ryan Anzalone DNS DNS
Matt Beck DNS DNS
Paul Carroll DNS DNS
Jon Chamberlain DNS DNS
Sean Craig DNS DNS
Sean Fontaine DNS DNS
Michael Giese DNS DNS
Kevin Gilinsky DNS DNS
Courtney Hilton DNS DNS
David Kosark DNS DNS
Ken Lackey DNS DNS
Chris Larkin DNS DNS
Scott McDonough DNS DNS
David Sheesley DNS DNS
Timothy Songster DNS DNS
Matt Vonderfecht DNS DNS
Keith Walberg DNS DNS
Marc Walter DNS DNS
Tim Werts DNS DNS

Open Women
First name Last name Time Place
Loren Uscilowski 12:21:34 1
Elisabeth Reinkordt 16:46:30 2
Kimberly Brown DNF DNF
Chinda David DNF DNF
Ashley Frear Cooper DNF DNF
Emily Harrenstein DNF DNF
Ryana Swift DNF DNF
Liz Tylander DNF DNF
Jen Deep DNF DNF
Cindy Arias DNS DNS
Amber Hollmann DNS DNS
Sarah Madsen DNS DNS
Barbie Miller DNS DNS
Nora Rolf DNS DNS

Master Men
First name Last name Time Place
Mike Shumway 12:21:34 1
John Vondracek 12:52:10 2
Ron Nelson 13:42:50 3
Bruce Sandahl 14:37:50 4
Mark Falloon 15:32:20 5
Patrick Grewe DNF DNF
Steve Hurless DNF DNF
Paul Larsen DNF DNF
Don Reed DNF DNF
David Rowe DNF DNF
Brian Todd DNF DNF
Robert Tucker DNF DNF
Mike Borland DNS DNS
Jim Cummings DNS DNS
John Mathias DNS DNS
Jim Rank DNS DNS
Rick Sanders DNS DNS
Lou Waugaman DNS DNS

Master Women
First name Last name Time Place
Kim Carveth 16:45:30 1

Single Speed Men
First name Last name Time Place
Eric Brunt 10:45:55 1
Chris Hansen 11:51:56 2
Rafal Doloto 12:25:33 3
12:25:33 3
Aaron Gammel 12:48:49 5
Jonathan Neve 13:29:49 6
David Randleman 14:23:05 7
Steven Thompson 14:24:30 8
John Welsh 14:31:05 9
Tod Sehnert 15:32:20 10
Matt Wills 15:51:30 11
Rhino Albeez DNF DNF
Scott Kielion DNF DNF
Clint Robinson DNF DNF
Patrick Sands DNF DNF
Joseph Savoie DNF DNF
Warren Wiebe DNF DNF
Bob Barklage DNS DNS
Michael Beck DNS DNS
Scott Bristol DNS DNS
Kent Carlson DNS DNS
Don Daly DNS DNS
Joel Dyke DNS DNS
Wade Frerichs DNS DNS
Zack Lamb DNS DNS
Steve McGuire DNS DNS
Adam Moskowitz DNS DNS
Billy Schaaphok DNS DNS

Single Speed Women
First name Last name Time Place
Janna Vavra 12:48:28 1
Sydney Brown DNS DNS

First name Last name Time Place
Lance/Malcolm Andre/Tassi 14:30:00 1
Charle & Pat Jenkins DNS DNS


KC said...

Wow, that was fast! Thanks again for putting on such an awesome event. Can't wait for next year & I'll try to drag more KS people along!

Cornbread said...

FYI, there were 116 official starters. More than last year even with wet and muddy roads.

c-record said...

yo c-bread, thanks for putting on another GW. the mud it made it kinda like WWI trench warfare in the beginning but it was fun.

Cornbread said...

Thanks for coming out and riding Conrad!

mw said...

how many fixies? me!

Rad-Renner said...

Steven Thompson was on a fixie, too. It was crazy to watch him put his feet up on the bars as he coasted down the hills. See you next year, Steve! (Dave on the Bianchi SS)

chaosworldwide said...

YEAH MAN!! World Class indeed!! You guys have an Awesome Crew! I enjoyed riding with everyone, fun to start from the back! Thank you for putting on such an EPIC event!

Matt you were rocking, funny we didnt even know each other was fixed! HAHA! Dave I was cheering for you on that last 10 miles when you passed me! Nice Finish!!

Paul said...

Some photos and videos from Saturday

Paul L. said...

I snapped some pictures during the ride. I have posted them for the public on Facebook:!/media/set/?set=a.2343003818669.135437.1357185760&type=1