Friday, April 11, 2008

Thinkin' about the next PCL event

Requesting feedback from anyone interested in providing some in regards to the next Pirate Cycling League event.

As a reminder, the Pirate Cycling League is race promotion group focusing on fun, free, and friendly bicycling events. The PCL is run by no one and everyone. Anyone can organize a PCL event. The founding fathers will remain anonymous. I have taken the reigns to create a blog. If you would like to become a contributor, please send me an email and I'll send you an invite.

Previous PCL events have included: Denton-Wilbur-Denton, Lincoln-Elmwood-Lincoln, and another one that I don't recall at the moment. These have all been gravel events, but PCL events are not restricted to gravel. Dirt, tarmac, crushed limestone are also options.

Some folks have already offered suggestions. This is what have been suggested thus far:

-next event should be on Sunday
-give time bonuses for collecting empty aluminum cans (larger bonuses for certain brands, ie Guiness)
-Skid contest
-no one left behind
-pot luck gathering after the event
-start and finish at same location with food/beer

No dates have been determined. Look at your calenders and offer up suggestions. The crazier the better. Remember, it's all about having fun on a bike.


CJ said...

Can't say I would be the man to put this together, or even that I would know where to start to get the ball rolling on this. But here is a really cool event IMHO that I came across while surfing the old net at

Peace out

P.S. The next link will help a guy set up the hardware and computer software to do such an event and it is all free if I am correct. Isn't one of the FFL a computer guy?,com_frontpage/Itemid,1/

Powder Monkey Cornbread said...

Great links Chris! That looks like an interesting event. Lots of PBR. Must be up near Wisco. I could see something like that being a good winter activity.

Thanks for the input. Keep it coming.

Marc said...

Fun. Free. Come on it's April and racing season. Let's get it on. I've been riding my bike in the cold winter wind needing some competition to liven things up.

You guys are loosing your edge. I remember the days we would go out of state and the competition would only know you as "nebraska". Come on Husker nation let's go rile up some stubble. What's goin on here? Are we not bike racers? Are you starting to get comfortable? That leads to being lazy.

I'm just here to keep you in check. You don't have to like me. I'd rather you hate me if that's what it takes to get you into the competitive game again.