Sunday, August 21, 2011

Gravel Worlds Results!

Here are the results listed by caterogy. Time reflects amount of ride time. Please let me know if you see any discrepancies. Thanks to all that participated. Lining up for a race on the edge of town before sunrise knowing the weather is threatening along with the reality of having to walk miles of muddy roads takes a lot of courage. Much respect from the PCL crew! We're already excited for next year!

Open Men
First name Last name Time Place
Greg Shimonek 10:38:30 1
Brady Murphy 10:45:56 2
Dale Pinkelman 11:08:30 3
Lucas Marshall 11:18:00 4
Kevin Burke 12:04:08 5
Trevor Madden 12:18:22 6
Rich Wince 12:21:34 7
Eric Finks 12:25:33 8
Paul Chapman 12:25:33 9
Michael Dixon 12:25:33 9
James Blake 12:36:17 11
Chris Karpowicz 12:36:59 12
Kevin Collings 12:40:38 13
John Williams 12:46:28 14
Chris Burger 12:48:49 15
Ted Lechnowsky 12:55:25 16
Randy Gibson 13:11:06 17
Ben Swan 13:12:10 18
Steve Cannon 13:12:36 19
Marcus Mancini 13:28:08 20
Al Brunner 13:39:32 21
Jeremy Eisenhauer 13:40:25 22
Jason Bakewell 13:42:00 23
Carlos Monzon 13:42:47 24
Andrew Keffer 14:01:56 25
Scott Kiddoo 14:03:30 26
Scott Noel 14:03:30 26
Tim Mohn 14:28:50 28
Aaron Schnee 14:30:00 29
Lane Bergen 14:30:35 30
Rob Livermore 14:48:43 31
Wesley Trout 14:53:35 32
Eric Benjamin 15:02:05 33
Scott Bridges 15:14:50 34
Oak Williams 15:16:05 35
Phillip Clark 15:27:05 36
Tim Kelsey 15:27:05 36
Devin O'Brien 15:27:05 36
Chris Goodall 15:35:20 39
Scott Redd 15:35:20 39
Carl Gauger 15:51:30 41
Scott Ideen 16:46:30 42
Lucas Orth 16:46:30 42
Brandon Wachal 16:46:30 42
Andrew Amen DNF DNF
Alfred Berchtold DNF DNF
Matt Bergen DNF DNF
Chris Blackstock DNF DNF
Jordan Brasch DNF DNF
Conrad C. DNF DNF
Mark Chapin DNF DNF
Brian Drahota DNF DNF
Matt Fuller DNF DNF
Matt Gersib DNF DNF
Shane Harders DNF DNF
Robert Kay DNF DNF
Randy Kinney DNF DNF
Corey Knop DNF DNF
Daniel Kroll DNF DNF
Zane Languis DNF DNF
Delan Lonowski DNF DNF
Brian Luciani DNF DNF
Mike Marsh DNF DNF
David McLeod DNF DNF
Gus Miller DNF DNF
Ian Moore DNF DNF
Scott O'Mara DNF DNF
Russell Parde DNF DNF
Phillip Rudebusch DNF DNF
Phil Stake DNF DNF
Paul White DNF DNF
Kevin Wilkins DNF DNF
Jim Winklepleck DNF DNF
Todd Wixon DNF DNF
Dan Zieg DNF DNF
Jake Anderson DNS DNS
Bruce Anderson DNS DNS
Ryan Anzalone DNS DNS
Matt Beck DNS DNS
Paul Carroll DNS DNS
Jon Chamberlain DNS DNS
Sean Craig DNS DNS
Sean Fontaine DNS DNS
Michael Giese DNS DNS
Kevin Gilinsky DNS DNS
Courtney Hilton DNS DNS
David Kosark DNS DNS
Ken Lackey DNS DNS
Chris Larkin DNS DNS
Scott McDonough DNS DNS
David Sheesley DNS DNS
Timothy Songster DNS DNS
Matt Vonderfecht DNS DNS
Keith Walberg DNS DNS
Marc Walter DNS DNS
Tim Werts DNS DNS

Open Women
First name Last name Time Place
Loren Uscilowski 12:21:34 1
Elisabeth Reinkordt 16:46:30 2
Kimberly Brown DNF DNF
Chinda David DNF DNF
Ashley Frear Cooper DNF DNF
Emily Harrenstein DNF DNF
Ryana Swift DNF DNF
Liz Tylander DNF DNF
Jen Deep DNF DNF
Cindy Arias DNS DNS
Amber Hollmann DNS DNS
Sarah Madsen DNS DNS
Barbie Miller DNS DNS
Nora Rolf DNS DNS

Master Men
First name Last name Time Place
Mike Shumway 12:21:34 1
John Vondracek 12:52:10 2
Ron Nelson 13:42:50 3
Bruce Sandahl 14:37:50 4
Mark Falloon 15:32:20 5
Patrick Grewe DNF DNF
Steve Hurless DNF DNF
Paul Larsen DNF DNF
Don Reed DNF DNF
David Rowe DNF DNF
Brian Todd DNF DNF
Robert Tucker DNF DNF
Mike Borland DNS DNS
Jim Cummings DNS DNS
John Mathias DNS DNS
Jim Rank DNS DNS
Rick Sanders DNS DNS
Lou Waugaman DNS DNS

Master Women
First name Last name Time Place
Kim Carveth 16:45:30 1

Single Speed Men
First name Last name Time Place
Eric Brunt 10:45:55 1
Chris Hansen 11:51:56 2
Rafal Doloto 12:25:33 3
12:25:33 3
Aaron Gammel 12:48:49 5
Jonathan Neve 13:29:49 6
David Randleman 14:23:05 7
Steven Thompson 14:24:30 8
John Welsh 14:31:05 9
Tod Sehnert 15:32:20 10
Matt Wills 15:51:30 11
Rhino Albeez DNF DNF
Scott Kielion DNF DNF
Clint Robinson DNF DNF
Patrick Sands DNF DNF
Joseph Savoie DNF DNF
Warren Wiebe DNF DNF
Bob Barklage DNS DNS
Michael Beck DNS DNS
Scott Bristol DNS DNS
Kent Carlson DNS DNS
Don Daly DNS DNS
Joel Dyke DNS DNS
Wade Frerichs DNS DNS
Zack Lamb DNS DNS
Steve McGuire DNS DNS
Adam Moskowitz DNS DNS
Billy Schaaphok DNS DNS

Single Speed Women
First name Last name Time Place
Janna Vavra 12:48:28 1
Sydney Brown DNS DNS

First name Last name Time Place
Lance/Malcolm Andre/Tassi 14:30:00 1
Charle & Pat Jenkins DNS DNS

Friday, August 19, 2011

Gravel Worlds! Full steam ahead!

Who's ready?! Gravel Worlds is less than 24 hours away!


First and foremost, the PCL crew would like to say thanks to all the folks who played a part in organizing and sponsoring the event. The list is lengthy, but please be sure to check out the links and support those who support us!

Cycle Works, Moose's Tooth, War Axe Bicycles, Twin Six, Routine Leg Works, Modern Monks, Empyrean Brewing Company, Monkey Wrench Cycles, Joyride Bicycles, Bike Rack, Trek Store of Omaha, TMCO, Screen Ink


Alright, now onto the topic that everyone is wondering about...the weather. Mother Nature did her best to throw a wrench in our plans, but we're forging ahead. The Lincoln area got a significant amount of rain last night. The gravel roads should handle the precipitation, but the MMR (dirt roads) could be a different story. The forecast for today is for mostly sunny skies and a modest wind out of the east. The sunshine and wind should help dry the dirt roads.

The forecast for the entire event is 30 to 40% chance of scattered thunderstorms. Of course all this could change. Please be aware that we are not modifying the course. This is a tongue in cheek World Championship. You gotta earn it! So some MMR roads may be a bit soft and muddy. There could be some sections that are not rideable. You may hafta do some hike a bike. It's not a big deal. Trust me. Several of the gravel grinders this year had significant amounts of hike a bike.

We will start in the rain, but not if there is lightning. If lightning is present we will have a delayed start.

Please use common sense while out on the course. If the weather takes a turn for the worse please seek shelter. We will not be out there to warn you of inclement weather. It is your responsibility to recognize and respond to severe and dangerous weather.

Gonna bail?

If you don't plan on making it to the event and have already sent in a postcard, please shot me an email and let me know that you will not be in attendance.

If you start the event and decide to not continue to the finish you MUST call (text message preferred) the number below (Troy's number) and let us know you are done and have a safe way home. AGAIN, YOU MUST CALL THE NUMBER (TEXT MESSAGE PREFERRED) AND LET US KNOW YOU ARE NO LONGER ON THE COURSE AND HAVE A SAFE WAY HOME. Write this number down or store it in your phone. Please text or leave a message with your name.

(402) 540-1256


Friday Night Optional Rider Check-in

Tonight at Cycle Works (located at 27th and Vine street) from 6 PM until 9 PM the PCL crew will be having an optional rider check-in. During the check-in we will verify rider information including collecting contact info (cell number), have riders sign a waiver, hand out cue sheets, and answer any questions pertaining to Gravel Worlds.

Riders will also have an opportunity to purchase items in the store at a discounted rate. Modern Monks has also generously supplied a keg of IPA and also some craft root beer. You don't wanna miss out!

Cycle Works PCL display!

Secret Checkpoint

There is a secret checkpoint for tomorrow along with the three Nebraska Powerball ticket checkpoints. It was noted on your cue sheet and is around mile 102. The checkpoint is up a driveway off the gravel road. Keep your eyes peeled for a sign. You shouldn't miss it. You must have proof of reaching this checkpoint after crossing the finish line.

PCL Swag

The good folks at Screen Ink have hooked us up again with a bunch of one of a kind PCL t-shirts, sweatshirts and even a tanktop and hoodie. Limited Edition individually numbered Gravel Worlds posters will also be available. If you want one you better show up at Cycle Works tonight. Prices to be determined.


Thanks to the good folks at TMCO for the wicked trophies. Only the winner of each category will receive a gravel reliquary.

Yep, that's gravel in there!

Bottle Openers

There are a limited number of Gravel Worlds bottle openers that will be available at the final Oasis location. Schmidty will determine who gets one. You may hafta drink a beer or two supplied by Empryean Ales in order to get one.

Yep, that's a gravel maintainer on that bottle opener!

See everyone soon! Arrrrrrrgh!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Gravel Worlds course info update!

Never too far from Lincoln

Cue Sheet update

Thanks to PCL mate, Rafal, we have a link to a MS Word document for the cue sheet. You can find it here. Please format as you see fit. If you decide not to make your own cue sheet we will have an 8 1/2 x 11 sheet for you to use, but you will need a way to protect it from moisture. A Ziplock freezer bag works great. We will not be supplying Ziplock bags.

Detailed map

We also have a link to the MapMyRIDE website courtesy of PCL mate, Paul L. You can find that here. I've heard varying estimates on the total elevation gain (climbing). Anywhere from 5,000 up to near 12,000. Who knows? Make no mistake, it's got a lot of rollers.

Don't get lost!

Alrighty, no one wants to travel to an event and get lost while riding. So please be very attentive to street signs. All of the turns on the course have street makers. The PCL crew rode the entire course last week to be certain.

Please note that some roads are very similar. N 40th off Branched Oak Road (mile 21.5) and NW 40th off Branched Oak Road (mile 27.5). If you take a right on N 40th you're gonna be off course. So look for NW 40th.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Gravel Worlds UPDATE!



The course

The Gravel Worlds course is ready for viewing! We release the course early so folks can make their own cue sheets/cards if they choose to do so. If you don't want to make a cue sheet/card, we will have a standard cue sheet at the optional Friday evening rider check-in at Cycle Works (6pm-9pm) The standard cue sheet will also be available on the morning of the ride. The standard cue sheet will be a basic 8 1/2 x 11 sheet of paper. Nothing fancy folks. If you want something better, knock yourself out.

This is a challenging course! For those who participated in the 2010 Gravel Worlds you will note this is 99% the same. We have added a little extra to get the total mileage up to 153 and change. Rough estimates are around 8,000 to 9,000 feet of climbing. The climbs are short power climbs that seem never ending. The terrain will have all kinds of gravel and dirt road surfaces. Some areas will have large white rock sections that are pinch flat power sucking purgatories. Arrrgh!

Below is a jpeg of the cue sheet. It is your responsibility to know how to read the cue sheet and have a way to conveniently carry and access it during the ride. You must carry a cue sheet! Don't rely on your buddy or other folks to navigate you. Be familiar with which road you're on and the upcoming turn and mileage. A cyclometer is highly recommended. Note the cue sheet has mileage listed next to each turn. Your mileage should be approximately the mileage listed on the cue sheet when you get to the listed turn if you remain on course.

The cue sheet is broken up into four sections. Note there are only THREE pseudo-checkpoints. At each pseudo-checkpoint no one will be there to check you off. You will need to purchase a Nebraska Powerball Lottery ticket at the convenience store listed on the cue sheet as proof of reaching said checkpoint. Please note that you cannot buy Nebraska Powerball tickets with a credit or debit card. You must have cold hard cash! The Nebraska Powerball Lottery tickets will be collected at the end of the ride. If you don't have three tickets from each specified pseudo-checkpoint, you will be disqualified. I will be verifying date/time and location on the tickets upon each rider finish.

Please note that the pseudo-checkpoint in the town of Valpraiso has two gas stations/convenience stores and only one sells Nebraska Powerball Lottery tickets (Phillips 66).

I'm still working on a way to post the cue sheet via Microsoft Word. If you want a copy via Microsoft Word, send me an email and I'll shot you a copy. Aarrrgh!

Secret Checkpoint

It's a secret. Got it? Note on the cue sheet it's located somewhere on SW 2nd Street. You gotta find it and prove you made it there when you cross the finish line.

Course Markings?

Pfffft...yeah, right. The course will NOT be marked. Also this is not a closed course! Traffic will be common and frequent on many sections of the course. Exercise caution when crossing intersections!

Cue Sheet holders

Since the standard cue sheet is plain ole paper, please be aware that it will soak up sweat and eventually be rendered useless. You must have a way to store and carry the cue sheet during the ride in order to protect and conveniently access it. Think of it as a Pirate treasure map. You gotta preserve that map if you want to get to the booty! Arrrgh!

There are cue sheet holders out there for purchase, but a simple solution is to use a zip lock freezer bag. You can jimmy rig it to your handlebar for easy viewing pleasure.

Please, please, please be attentive to your surroundings while viewing the cue sheet. Don't be a dork and take other people out or blow through an intersection and get yourself killed while gawking at the cue sheet.

If you lose your cue sheet during the ride, wait for someone behind you and link up with them. Don't expect anyone to bring you another one! If you call me and ask me to do that I'll get a good laugh. Arrrgh!

Gravel Etiquette & Safety

This is common sense stuff, but needs to be mentioned. There are several things folks must do on a gravel ride that will keep themselves and others safe which will ensure a fun and rewarding experience.
  1. Stay to the right and don't ride in the opposite lane especially up climbs/rollers! If I catch or even hear of anyone riding in the opposite lane up a climb, they will be disqualified. No questions asked. Why? If a vehicle comes blasting over the top, you and/or everyone behind you will most likely get hurt and/or killed. Not cool. Stay to the right. Stay to the right. Stay to the right.
  2. Remain attentive to your surroundings! Please keep your head up and be sure to be on the look out for traffic, dogs/animals, loose gravel, wheel sucking ruts or cracks in bridges, soft sand, large white rock, or anything else that can potentially take you or someone else down. Look at your cue sheet when it is safe. If you need to stop to view the cue sheet, stop. There's no time limit on this bad daddy.
  3. Call things out! If you see or go through something sketchy be sure warn your colleagues by calling it out and pointing to it if you can safely do so. Yes, you can say "car up" on a gravel ride. In fact, it's the courteous thing to do. Also when passing, please do so at a safe juncture and kindly and loudly proclaim "on your left". If you plan on slowing or stopping be sure the folks behind you are aware prior to taking action.
  4. Stop if someone needs help! This is all about fun folks. So if you see someone stopped or in need of assistance, please ask if they need help and offer a helping hand if possible. The bike Gods will smile upon you if you do.
  5. Let the dust settle if you get dusted! If you get dusted by a vehicle, and this is highly likely right now do to the lack of moisture recently, slow down and let the dust settle. First off this will prevent a potential collision from another vehicle traveling through the dust cloud who is unable to see you until it's too late. Secondly it's a lot better on your lungs, trust me.
  6. Keep a straight line and call out/signal when changing position! If you find yourself in a group or even with another rider, please keep a straight line and avoid dramatic lines changes. Also signal with your hand or call out when you plan on making changes in your line. The crushing of gravel is louder than you think and you may not hear a rider behind or even beside you on occasions.
  7. Don't be a dick! If I hear of any dickish behavior by any rider, they will not only be disqualified, but will also hafta walk the PCL plank. Aarrrgh!
  8. Obey the traffic laws! Please obey all traffic laws. That includes stopping at stop signs, signaling when turning, obeying speed limits, wearing seat belts, and no texting while riding (we're cool with you blogging while riding though).
  9. Come prepared! First off, be sure to have everything you need to ensure you can deal with a mechanical issue (broken chain, flat tire, etc.). Secondly, plan your food and fluid consumption needs prudently. The pseudo-checkpoints have been warned of your arrival and will have plenty of sustenance available for purchase. So bring some cash along! The minimal things you should have on you during the ride include: helmet, eye protection, front and rear lights (blinky and illumination), a minimum of two water bottles or a hydration pack, snacks, cyclocomputer, tools, tubes, cell phone, cue sheet holder, your wits and climbing legs! Arrrgh!
Staying on the right. Great job Lincoln Gravel Posse! You get a Gold Star!

The Start/Finish Location

The start/finish will be located at the Lancaster Event Center far east overflow parking lot (just off of Havelock Ave). This is a grass field with a dirt road running down the middle. It doesn't look like much folks, but it's where we're call home for the day! Parking will be available for the entire day free of charge. Since there isn't an indoor plumbed restroom facility at our disposal we will have porta-potty available to use. Please try to get that potty break out of the way prior to arriving at the start. Arrrgh!

This is the start location

The morning of the ride

Please plan on arriving early on Saturday August 20th. The ride begins at 6 AM sharp. So plan on being at the start/finish by 5:15 at the latest. You will need to check-in and sign a waiver if you haven't already done so at the optional Friday evening rider check-in at Cycle Works. At 5:45 we will hold a rider meeting to review ins and outs. Do not be late or you will miss the boat and not be permitted to start. Arrrgh!

Oasis Locations and Specifics

Some kindly locals have heard about our little ride and have offered to provide beverages and snacks to riders. These are optional stops for folks who need some extra sustenance. There will be signs on the course indicating the oasis locations. Also, please be sure to place some $ in the tip jar if you make a stop. These folks are spending their own money to help us out.

The first oasis location is about 77 miles into the ride and just off of the corner of 98th and W. Pioneers Blvd which is ten miles after Malcolm and 34 miles prior to Hickman. Big climb start shortly after this oasis. That's a fair warning!

The second oasis location is about 140 miles into the ride and on 176th street. You've only got a little over 12 miles to go after this oasis! Arrrgh!


If you're the first person to finish in your category and don't act like a dick, you'll receive a Gravel World Championship Jersey and a custom made trophy courtesy of our good friends at TMCO. Second place and all other finishers will receive a high five and a "atta boy/girl"! Arrrgh!

Oh, there are no prizes except the rewarding experience of riding 153 challenging miles of Nebraska gravel goodness.

Can you still sign up?

Sure! Shot me an email with your name, age, hometown, email address, cell number, and category. Or just show up the morning of the ride and sign up. Be sure show up extra early if signing up the morning of. I'll be there around 5 AM. Ugh! I mean...Arrrgh!

Liability - You are 100% responsible for you!

Finally, I gotta mention the liability issue. If you choose to participate you are agreeing that you are taking on full responsibility for what happens to you out on the course. We are in no way responsible for anything that happens to you during the ride or any part of this adventure. YOU ARE COMPLETELY AND ABSOLUTELY RESPONSIBLE FOR YOU! By choosing to ride with us you, your family (estate), and insurance company agrees not to sue us if you get hurt and/or killed. Yeah, pretty damn morbid, eh?

Also, please have a bail out option. We will have limited availability for pick ups and will only do so in emergency situations. The beauty of this ride is you're never more than 40 miles from Lincoln. Aarrrgh!

Questions, comments or concerns?

If you got any, shot me an email. My addy is in my profile. See everyone soon!

Friday, August 12, 2011

PCL Swag

Free PCL bottles will be handed out at Friday check in (6pm-9pm)

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Gravel Worlds info! Please read!

Gravel Worlds just around the corner!

The Gravel Worlds jerseys have arrived! Only winners of each category will have the honor of slipping this jersey on.

The 2011 Gravel World Championship aka The Good Life Gravel Adventure is one week away. Saturday August 20th at 6 AM the adventure begins!

Start/Finish Location:

The start/finish is located at the Lancaster Event Center in Lincoln, Nebraska which is located at 4100 N. 84th Street. We will be staging at the Northeast dirt parking lot. There is plenty of parking available at the event center. Please be sure to review info on how to get there prior to August 20th.

The route and rules:

The course has been finalized! The course will consist of 154 miles of gravel and dirt roads with plenty of rollers. The course is essentially the same as last year with a few additions. It will be released on Monday August 15th. Riders will follow a set of cue cards to navigate the course. The course will NOT BE MARKED!

Riders will be able to make their own cue cards/sheets or use the sheet supplied by the PCL. I will try to have a Garmin GPS file by Monday as well for those using Garmin devices (yes, GPS devices are permitted!).

Small town convenience stores will serve as checkpoints and aid stations. Riders will be required to purchase a Nebraska Powerball Lottery ticket at each small town convenience store as proof of reaching the checkpoint. Nebraska Powerball Lottery tickets cost $1 and there are three checkpoints. The lottery tickets will be turned in at the finish of the event and verified.

This is a self supported event. You are absolutely responsible for you! Come prepared and please have a bail out option! Again, this is a self supported event in which YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR YOU!

Registration Info:

You can still register! If you would like to participate, please send a postcard with your name, age, hometown, category (see list below), email address, and cell phone number to:

Pirate Cycling League
1510 D Street
Lincoln, NE 68502

  • Open men
  • Open women
  • Masters men (50 years of age+)
  • Masters women (50 years of age+)
  • Single speed men (includes fixed geared bicycles)
  • Single speed women (includes fixed geared bicycles)
  • Tandem
If you don't wanna send a postcard, just show up at rider check in on Friday night or the day of the event!

Friday Night Rider Check-in:

There will be an optional rider check-in on Friday August 19th from 6 to 9 PM at Cycle Works in Lincoln, Nebraska. Cycle Works has two locations in town. The optional rider check-in will be at the 27th and Vine location. Check it here. There will be discounts available to Gravel Worlds participants during the check-in.

So why have the optional rider check-in? We're doing it to make it easier on us. Riders will be required to sign a waiver (yeah, I know...), pick up the cue sheet, buy PCL T-shirts, get last minute supplies, and hang with fellow gravel warriors.

Note on being cool:

Please remember this event is all about having fun on a bicycle with like minded individuals. If you see someone in need of assistance, please stop and offer a helping hand. Also, be courteous to everyone you encounter on the ride including dogs who are chasing you. So basically, don't be a dick.


This ain't that kinda race. Sorry.


There will be two oasis locations strategically placed along the route to offer additional assistance to riders. There will be plenty of food and beverages at the oasis locations. These are optional stops. There will be one secret checkpoint/oasis which is a required stop. More info later.

Additional info:

As always, we reserve the right to change any and everything whenever we see fit. We're pirates after all.

Questions, comments, concerns? Post here or send me an email.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Sunday, August 7, 2011

g-dubs northern recon...

All good my friends! Rode the Northern most reaches of the course yesterday.  All roads are open, signs are still standing, & the gravel was primo.

If you haven't sent your card...get it sent!  You don't want to miss out.  If you're going to miss for you.



Saturday, August 6, 2011

Gravel Worlds Accommodations

Gravel Worlds in just around the corner! Saturday August 20th at 6 AM the ride begins!

For those traveling from out of town and don't have lodging accommodations yet, here are two hotels that are close to the start/finish. The start/finish line will be the north parking lot at the Lancaster Event Center.


Star City Inn
5600 Cornhusker Highway
Lincoln, NE 68507
(402) 464-5971

Double room = $50.34 plus tax

Please use the code words "Gravel Worlds" for the discount rate

Guesthouse Inn/Suites
5250 Cornhusker Highway
Lincoln, NE 68504

Please contact Guesthouse Inn for room and rate details. No discount for riders currently.


There really aren't a bounty of camping spots near the start/finish. The closest one that I can think of is Wagon Train State Recreation Area.

Wanna host a rider?

If you wanna host a rider/riders for the weekend of fun please contact me via email through my profile. Riders, if you need a place to crash please contact me and I'll try to get you hooked up with some good folks.