Saturday, August 6, 2011

Gravel Worlds Accommodations

Gravel Worlds in just around the corner! Saturday August 20th at 6 AM the ride begins!

For those traveling from out of town and don't have lodging accommodations yet, here are two hotels that are close to the start/finish. The start/finish line will be the north parking lot at the Lancaster Event Center.


Star City Inn
5600 Cornhusker Highway
Lincoln, NE 68507
(402) 464-5971

Double room = $50.34 plus tax

Please use the code words "Gravel Worlds" for the discount rate

Guesthouse Inn/Suites
5250 Cornhusker Highway
Lincoln, NE 68504

Please contact Guesthouse Inn for room and rate details. No discount for riders currently.


There really aren't a bounty of camping spots near the start/finish. The closest one that I can think of is Wagon Train State Recreation Area.

Wanna host a rider?

If you wanna host a rider/riders for the weekend of fun please contact me via email through my profile. Riders, if you need a place to crash please contact me and I'll try to get you hooked up with some good folks.

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