Thursday, August 11, 2011

Gravel Worlds info! Please read!

Gravel Worlds just around the corner!

The Gravel Worlds jerseys have arrived! Only winners of each category will have the honor of slipping this jersey on.

The 2011 Gravel World Championship aka The Good Life Gravel Adventure is one week away. Saturday August 20th at 6 AM the adventure begins!

Start/Finish Location:

The start/finish is located at the Lancaster Event Center in Lincoln, Nebraska which is located at 4100 N. 84th Street. We will be staging at the Northeast dirt parking lot. There is plenty of parking available at the event center. Please be sure to review info on how to get there prior to August 20th.

The route and rules:

The course has been finalized! The course will consist of 154 miles of gravel and dirt roads with plenty of rollers. The course is essentially the same as last year with a few additions. It will be released on Monday August 15th. Riders will follow a set of cue cards to navigate the course. The course will NOT BE MARKED!

Riders will be able to make their own cue cards/sheets or use the sheet supplied by the PCL. I will try to have a Garmin GPS file by Monday as well for those using Garmin devices (yes, GPS devices are permitted!).

Small town convenience stores will serve as checkpoints and aid stations. Riders will be required to purchase a Nebraska Powerball Lottery ticket at each small town convenience store as proof of reaching the checkpoint. Nebraska Powerball Lottery tickets cost $1 and there are three checkpoints. The lottery tickets will be turned in at the finish of the event and verified.

This is a self supported event. You are absolutely responsible for you! Come prepared and please have a bail out option! Again, this is a self supported event in which YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR YOU!

Registration Info:

You can still register! If you would like to participate, please send a postcard with your name, age, hometown, category (see list below), email address, and cell phone number to:

Pirate Cycling League
1510 D Street
Lincoln, NE 68502

  • Open men
  • Open women
  • Masters men (50 years of age+)
  • Masters women (50 years of age+)
  • Single speed men (includes fixed geared bicycles)
  • Single speed women (includes fixed geared bicycles)
  • Tandem
If you don't wanna send a postcard, just show up at rider check in on Friday night or the day of the event!

Friday Night Rider Check-in:

There will be an optional rider check-in on Friday August 19th from 6 to 9 PM at Cycle Works in Lincoln, Nebraska. Cycle Works has two locations in town. The optional rider check-in will be at the 27th and Vine location. Check it here. There will be discounts available to Gravel Worlds participants during the check-in.

So why have the optional rider check-in? We're doing it to make it easier on us. Riders will be required to sign a waiver (yeah, I know...), pick up the cue sheet, buy PCL T-shirts, get last minute supplies, and hang with fellow gravel warriors.

Note on being cool:

Please remember this event is all about having fun on a bicycle with like minded individuals. If you see someone in need of assistance, please stop and offer a helping hand. Also, be courteous to everyone you encounter on the ride including dogs who are chasing you. So basically, don't be a dick.


This ain't that kinda race. Sorry.


There will be two oasis locations strategically placed along the route to offer additional assistance to riders. There will be plenty of food and beverages at the oasis locations. These are optional stops. There will be one secret checkpoint/oasis which is a required stop. More info later.

Additional info:

As always, we reserve the right to change any and everything whenever we see fit. We're pirates after all.

Questions, comments, concerns? Post here or send me an email.

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