Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Gravel Worlds course info update!

Never too far from Lincoln

Cue Sheet update

Thanks to PCL mate, Rafal, we have a link to a MS Word document for the cue sheet. You can find it here. Please format as you see fit. If you decide not to make your own cue sheet we will have an 8 1/2 x 11 sheet for you to use, but you will need a way to protect it from moisture. A Ziplock freezer bag works great. We will not be supplying Ziplock bags.

Detailed map

We also have a link to the MapMyRIDE website courtesy of PCL mate, Paul L. You can find that here. I've heard varying estimates on the total elevation gain (climbing). Anywhere from 5,000 up to near 12,000. Who knows? Make no mistake, it's got a lot of rollers.

Don't get lost!

Alrighty, no one wants to travel to an event and get lost while riding. So please be very attentive to street signs. All of the turns on the course have street makers. The PCL crew rode the entire course last week to be certain.

Please note that some roads are very similar. N 40th off Branched Oak Road (mile 21.5) and NW 40th off Branched Oak Road (mile 27.5). If you take a right on N 40th you're gonna be off course. So look for NW 40th.

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