Saturday, March 21, 2009

Tour of Dirt Roads Recon

The PCL crew completed the recon of the Tour of Dirt Roads course today. We've come up with a great course for the ride on April 11th. The course includes:
  • approximately 20 dirt roads
  • 7 rural cemeteries along the route
  • 8 rural lakes
  • 5 rambunctious and fit dogs who enjoy giving chase
  • 84 empty Busch Lite cans
  • 3 car tires
  • 1 dead possum
The ride will be approximately 50 to 70 miles (closer to 70 if we go south into Gage County). The plan is to stop into Cortland for lunch around noon and hit up Leanne's Restaurant if it's open for business (currently undergoing remodeling). We'll wrap up the ride after lunch with a few more dirt roads before heading back to Lincoln for a white elephant prize drawing. Remember to bring a white elephant prize for the PCL Prize Vault to drop off before we leave on the ride. Ride leaves from D Street at 9 AM on Saturday April 11th. More pics of the recon to come soon!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

We got three numbers...

Thirty five Nebraska Powerball Lottery tickets were turned in after the Lincoln-Milford-Lincoln event on Saturday. Schmidty went through the tickets tonight and found two tickets that had the Powerball and one ticket with one number and the Powerball. Grand total of winnings is 13 bucks. So instead of trying to track everyone down, I'm gonna take the 13 bucks and buy 13 Powerball tickets for Wednesday nights drawing. Maybe we'll hit the big one yet!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Another wicked prize for the PCL Prize Vault

Sorry, the Bad Brains LIVE AT CBGB 1982 isn't in the PCL Prize Vault, but thanks to Jim's donation at the Panama Enduro, some lucky PCL participant will be walking away with a Glen Campbell CD during the next PCL event. That's a sweet haircut he's sportin'.

Speaking of the next PCL event, the Tour of Dirt Roads is slated for Saturday April 11th at 9 AM leaving from D Street. The PCL crew will lead folks on a no-drop ride on as many dirt roads as we can find SW of Lincoln. The ride will most likely be around 50 to 70 miles, but folks are free to peel off at any time. We're currently checking the maps and finding the dirt! There have been thoughts of stopping into Cortland, NE for lunch and maybe a visit to Spilker Ales with more dirt to follow. More details regarding specifics will be available within the next couple of weeks. Stay tuned.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

PCL Lincoln-Milford-Lincoln Photo/Vid Recap

Thanks again to all that showed up for the first PCL event of 2009. Fantastic turnout (40 riders estimated) and beautiful weather made for a great day on the bike. I've got a stack of Nebraska Powerball Lottery tickets to go through tonight after the drawing. Don't worry, I'll let you know if we win....

So, who was the first person back to D Street? Who's gonna claim the "win" and all the glory?

I didn't take too many pics during the event, but managed to get a few rolling out of town. Jason also took his camera along and I'm sure took some sweet photos.

The porch and front yard were full of bikes this morning. Our neighbor had a curious look on his face when going out to get his morning newspaper.

Thanks for the great Prize Vault donation Chris! Bonsall scooped that bad daddy up.

Great mix of riders today.

Many new faces today including some of our Brethren to the East - thanks for coming down fellas!

Heading out of town on D Street. Yes, we obey traffic laws. We're law abiding Pirates.

Note the Lincoln Police cruisers in the video. Lincoln unfortunately had it's first murder of the new year on Friday around noon a couple of blocks from the D Street Hotel. The culprit must still be on the loose.

We're all still together at this point. The ride headed out on West A Street and quickly split apart.

Rollin' to Milford. Lot's of rollers on the route to wake up those legs!

Remember this bridge? An illusive curved road. You don't see many of those on gravel. Most are straight as an arrow.

Heading back to Lincoln with a great crew of guys.

The PCL Prize Vault before the carnage. Don't worry, the Caress body bar three pack is still available for the next PCL event. Unless I snag it for myself. I sure like silky smooth skin.

Thanks again everyone! The next PCL event is slated for April 11th...The Tour of Dirt Roads! We're drawing up a fun 50 to 60 miles of the best dirt roads Lancaster and Gage counties have to offer. We'll be connecting as many dirt roads as we can find into a fun no-drop ride. Hope to see you then!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Lincoln-Milford-Lincoln this Saturday!

The docks are swabbed and the planks are out for the first PCL event of the year. This Saturday at 9 AM the Lincoln-Milford-Lincoln will take place on the gravel roads West of Lincoln. See details below!

The White Elephant prize drawing is tentatively set for 2 PM at D Street! Don't forget to drop off your White Elephant prize prior to the start of the event.

See you Saturday Landlubbers!