Saturday, March 21, 2009

Tour of Dirt Roads Recon

The PCL crew completed the recon of the Tour of Dirt Roads course today. We've come up with a great course for the ride on April 11th. The course includes:
  • approximately 20 dirt roads
  • 7 rural cemeteries along the route
  • 8 rural lakes
  • 5 rambunctious and fit dogs who enjoy giving chase
  • 84 empty Busch Lite cans
  • 3 car tires
  • 1 dead possum
The ride will be approximately 50 to 70 miles (closer to 70 if we go south into Gage County). The plan is to stop into Cortland for lunch around noon and hit up Leanne's Restaurant if it's open for business (currently undergoing remodeling). We'll wrap up the ride after lunch with a few more dirt roads before heading back to Lincoln for a white elephant prize drawing. Remember to bring a white elephant prize for the PCL Prize Vault to drop off before we leave on the ride. Ride leaves from D Street at 9 AM on Saturday April 11th. More pics of the recon to come soon!


Thew said...

I'll see if I can get in decent enough shape by then to pop my PCL cherry, Cornbread.

Cornbread said...

It'd be great to have you long for the ride Thew.

BTW, thanks for forwarding on that pic. It makes me smile.