Friday, August 19, 2011

Gravel Worlds! Full steam ahead!

Who's ready?! Gravel Worlds is less than 24 hours away!


First and foremost, the PCL crew would like to say thanks to all the folks who played a part in organizing and sponsoring the event. The list is lengthy, but please be sure to check out the links and support those who support us!

Cycle Works, Moose's Tooth, War Axe Bicycles, Twin Six, Routine Leg Works, Modern Monks, Empyrean Brewing Company, Monkey Wrench Cycles, Joyride Bicycles, Bike Rack, Trek Store of Omaha, TMCO, Screen Ink


Alright, now onto the topic that everyone is wondering about...the weather. Mother Nature did her best to throw a wrench in our plans, but we're forging ahead. The Lincoln area got a significant amount of rain last night. The gravel roads should handle the precipitation, but the MMR (dirt roads) could be a different story. The forecast for today is for mostly sunny skies and a modest wind out of the east. The sunshine and wind should help dry the dirt roads.

The forecast for the entire event is 30 to 40% chance of scattered thunderstorms. Of course all this could change. Please be aware that we are not modifying the course. This is a tongue in cheek World Championship. You gotta earn it! So some MMR roads may be a bit soft and muddy. There could be some sections that are not rideable. You may hafta do some hike a bike. It's not a big deal. Trust me. Several of the gravel grinders this year had significant amounts of hike a bike.

We will start in the rain, but not if there is lightning. If lightning is present we will have a delayed start.

Please use common sense while out on the course. If the weather takes a turn for the worse please seek shelter. We will not be out there to warn you of inclement weather. It is your responsibility to recognize and respond to severe and dangerous weather.

Gonna bail?

If you don't plan on making it to the event and have already sent in a postcard, please shot me an email and let me know that you will not be in attendance.

If you start the event and decide to not continue to the finish you MUST call (text message preferred) the number below (Troy's number) and let us know you are done and have a safe way home. AGAIN, YOU MUST CALL THE NUMBER (TEXT MESSAGE PREFERRED) AND LET US KNOW YOU ARE NO LONGER ON THE COURSE AND HAVE A SAFE WAY HOME. Write this number down or store it in your phone. Please text or leave a message with your name.

(402) 540-1256


Friday Night Optional Rider Check-in

Tonight at Cycle Works (located at 27th and Vine street) from 6 PM until 9 PM the PCL crew will be having an optional rider check-in. During the check-in we will verify rider information including collecting contact info (cell number), have riders sign a waiver, hand out cue sheets, and answer any questions pertaining to Gravel Worlds.

Riders will also have an opportunity to purchase items in the store at a discounted rate. Modern Monks has also generously supplied a keg of IPA and also some craft root beer. You don't wanna miss out!

Cycle Works PCL display!

Secret Checkpoint

There is a secret checkpoint for tomorrow along with the three Nebraska Powerball ticket checkpoints. It was noted on your cue sheet and is around mile 102. The checkpoint is up a driveway off the gravel road. Keep your eyes peeled for a sign. You shouldn't miss it. You must have proof of reaching this checkpoint after crossing the finish line.

PCL Swag

The good folks at Screen Ink have hooked us up again with a bunch of one of a kind PCL t-shirts, sweatshirts and even a tanktop and hoodie. Limited Edition individually numbered Gravel Worlds posters will also be available. If you want one you better show up at Cycle Works tonight. Prices to be determined.


Thanks to the good folks at TMCO for the wicked trophies. Only the winner of each category will receive a gravel reliquary.

Yep, that's gravel in there!

Bottle Openers

There are a limited number of Gravel Worlds bottle openers that will be available at the final Oasis location. Schmidty will determine who gets one. You may hafta drink a beer or two supplied by Empryean Ales in order to get one.

Yep, that's a gravel maintainer on that bottle opener!

See everyone soon! Arrrrrrrgh!


Johann Rissik said...

Good luck to all Gravel Grinders.

Shim said...

Thanks guys, that was interesting / fun (sans the b-roads).

2011 Women's Single Speed Champion.


P.S. Rafel - whose the poser now?