Sunday, June 15, 2008

Tuesdays are now PCL Crit night

Tuesday nights at 6 pm. Get your crit on! Details of the course are below in previous posts.

The turnouts have been steady and the locals are pumped to have cyclists out there. The owner of the crit course has graciously offered to block off traffic with cones and provide water if we need it. Second hand information from riders that have met him indicate he is excited to have us out there and has offered to take riders on tours of the green homes that are located in the development. I don't know his name and have never met him, but will try to get some more details next week.

Come on out on Tuesday night and get some good training in.


Adrian_O said...

Are PCL crit nights still happenin?

Cornbread said...

Sure are! Come on out! We'd love to have you there.

Adrian_O said...

Will plan on it next week. I'll bring 23 others with. See you then!

EB said...

Mmmm Crits.