Sunday, January 10, 2010

Inaugural Gravel World Championship - The Good Life Gravel Adventure

Minimum Maintenance Road of Lancaster County

The date is set! The Inaugural Gravel World Championship - The Good Life Gravel Adventure will take place on Saturday August 21, 2010. Start time will be 6 AM. The event will start and finish in Lincoln, Nebraska.

A few quick details:
  • This is a self supported event - Yes, you are responsible for you! If you gotta pull the plug on the side of the gravel road, be sure you have someone available to pick you up!
  • The course will NOT be marked. A cue sheet will be distributed prior to the event.
  • All riders are required to have a cyclo computer that can track mileage - Yes, we will verify that you completed the entire distance at the end.
  • Riders will be required to purchase a Nebraska Powerball Lottery ticket at each "checkpoint" as proof of reaching the checkpoint.
  • The checkpoints will be small town gas station convenience stores. If you need fluids and sustenance, buy it there!
  • The distance will be roughly 150 miles with around 5,000 to 8,000 feet of vertical elevation gain.
  • This is a free event (except the four to five lottery tickets you gotta buy for a buck).
  • The Golden Rule applies to this event. If someone needs help, stop and help out.
More details regarding registration, etc. will be announced soon!

Also, note the 2010 PCL calendar of events to the right on the side bar!

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Marc said...

For god's sake help your neighbor out while trying to do whatever this ride is trying to do