Monday, March 8, 2010

Lincoln - ? - Lincoln, this Saturday!

The Lincoln-?-Lincoln event will take place Saturday March 13th at 7 AM. Meet at 7 AM for a cup of coffee with the ride starting at 7:30 AM! Starting point is The Coffee House (13th and P in downtown Lincoln) and finish is tentatively at Yia Yia's (14th and O Street). The half way destination will be announced on Saturday.

Come prepared for approximately either a 50 or an 80 mile ride. You can do either the 50 or 80 miler - the longer route will be for those who want more of a challenge. The half way point will be a small town convenience store so you can refresh your bottles and get some snacks.

There aren't a lot of rules for this event, except gotta ride to the destination via dirt or gravel and then ride back to Lincoln via dirt or gravel. Pavement must be avoided once out of the city limits! You can choose any route you like, but it's gotta be on dirt or gravel.


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fuck year! Sounds like a good time depending on the weather and my ability to wake up.