Thursday, July 8, 2010

Ponca Ride!

2007 Ponca Ride two track goodness


Ride is leaving D Street at 4 AM sharp. 155 miles of gravel, dirt and minimal pavement up to Ponca State Park. We will stop in North Bend (~65 miles) at the Corner Cafe for brunch. A few other stops will be made along the way to refuel. Bring cash!

We will be camping Saturday night. Showers are available at the park. Things to bring for camping include a tent, sleeping bag, pillow, your blanky, change of clothes, bug spray, illumination device, food and a camp chair.

Ride back to Lincoln for those that choose to do so on Sunday. You must find someone to sag your gear and take you back to Lincoln if you decide to go. Please make arrangements accordingly.

Questions? Post a comment or shot me an email.


mw said...

i really enjoy the ponca ride. i think this is six years. black bike. pink bike. blue bike 3 times. i think.

EB said...

I plan on coming,is someone running support for the gear? Stoked to see all you fools.