Sunday, April 15, 2012

2012 Gravel Worlds jersey!

Pink? Yeah, pink. Winners of each category will receive a Gravel World Champion jersey. If you want one, you gotta earn it.

The categories for the event are:
Open men
Open women
Masters men (50 years of age+)
Masters women (50 years of age+)
Single speed men (includes fixed geared bicycles)
Single speed women (includes fixed geared bicycles)

Accepting postcards now! Send a postcard with your name, hometown, email address, age, sex and category (see below) for the event to:

Pirate Cycling League
1510 D Street
Lincoln, NE 68502


Ben said...

will you post a race roster? Just wanting to confirm my postcard made it!



Cornbread said...

Ben, we will be sending emails to riders soon. Thanks for sending in a card! It's gonna be a fun day on the gravel.

Blue Turtle said...

This race must be very exciting. I want to have that jersey. Maybe next year. Is there any limit to the number of participants? I am planning to compete in the 50+ category.

J. Harp
writer @ balance bike reviews

chaosworldwide said...

If I enter twice? Will that give me 2 chances to win?

Yeah Man! IN

Michael Jones said...

Sent in my card a couple weeks back. Is registration still open? If so, could you let me know the number available? I'd like to invite some of my peeps.