Monday, June 4, 2012

Ponca 155 is Saturday June 16th in the gay-m

the route, we follow Mw, if you don't follow Mw, you end up waiting in a ditch at a turn going the wrong way,  don't go the wrong way, it sucks.

hoping to not make the same mistakes as Dirty Kanza, no wizzard staff this year.
I called to see if any cabins were open,  they are not,  so it's same same as it always is camping up on the top of the hill.    Depart from D street has yet to be determined,  Chop, Mw, and I were talking about leaving early enough to hit North Bend for breakfast at 6-7am so we can get into the park during the end of the race that day. 

Yes, the 155 and the Ponca race ( Psycowpath state championship ) are on the day, sorry,  I didn't come up with the date. 

This is good in a way, that we are hoping to eliminate our support vehicle this year. 
If you are going up to the race, and you have extra room, we could sure use some help hauling some extra camping gear, some coolers,  and possible a rider or two home that night, or the next day if your camping out at the park.   The after camping parties are always a good time! if you've never done it,  this could be your year to have fun, and help a few brothers / sisters out.

If your going with us on the 155,  it is a no drop, but, you have to get permission from either cvo or mw if this is your first year doing this ride.   We want everyone who can do this ride to be invited, but we don't want this to be your first gravel century,  it can be hard on the group if we have someone who can't keep up, and we have no support car this year....

so, Roll Call, who's all going,


Roll Call for People Racing, Camping and able to help get us back

leave it in the comments.   Thank You CVO


RadRenner said...

I pretty much owe you-n-Chop my firstborn, so how bout I bring y'alls some camping gear, sleepy-bags, and some grub-n-beers-n-bugspray? I'll be up there racing on Sat., then camping out with y'allz and driving home the next day. I have a 2-3 man tent, 2-3 sleeping bags, cooking/cleaning gear,and 2 small coolers.I'll bring some dinner type grub, snacks and the aforementioned beer. I'll try to score some more tents/bags from some of the Oma-peeps and I'll give you guys a quartermaster list before you roll out next Saturday. I got you guys. BTW, does Mw = Marc Walter? cuz that guy's an asshole and you can tell him I said so.

Malcolm said...

MW = yoda + macgyver (wills)