Thursday, August 16, 2012

First and foremost, There is way more important information below, so make sure you read all the updates!  But... this is also important, it has to do with beer and food....

***Friday Night early check-in and release form signing will be at Cycle Works, from 5-8, (27th and Vine, Lincoln , NE).

AND why yes, there will be delicious refreshments courtesy of Modern Monks Brewery (Beer, both regular and the root version), as well as some great PCL and Gravel Worlds Schwag available for your purchase.  Cycle Worlds will also be open late (8) for your last minute gravel shopping needs.  Show up, it will be a grand ol' time.

ALSO, just because we are pirates, doesn't mean that we dont have moral compass or good(ish) judgement.  So that means, dont be a dick on Saturday and dont cheat.


You can accept neutral support.  There will be some friendly pirate cadets out of the course providing neutral support for us as we have fun,  (one of these will be in a white 4 door truck, his name is Brooks), they may save you from death with water or snacks (or beer).  There are also 2 oasis locations on the course, stop by, get a snack, and show your support to these people who are helping you have fun out of the goodness of their hearts.  Hell get water from a farm house if you need, better that than dying on the side of the road.  After all, we are just here to have fun!  Arggg.

See you on the gravel:

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