Sunday, November 18, 2012

ETA of PCL Jerseys...

It sounds like we should have the new PCL jerseys in Lincoln around November 30, as scheduled. For those of you living out of town, I will need to work with you to arrange shipping from Lincoln to you, which will takea few extra days (and a few dollars as well, unless you'd like to pick them up).

Thanks for your patience. I'm really looking forward to our new kits and hope you are too!



Bruce said...

I should be in Lincoln for part of that weekend. Maybe I could pick up items ordered by folks in the Hastings/Kearney area and see that they get delivered.

Bruce Sandahl

MG said...

That would be rad, Bruce. My cell is 402.314.2150, so let's chat as the weekend draws near.

Thank you,

Michael Pedersen said...

I live in Albuquerque during the school year. However, my brother lives in Lincoln and he can pick up my stuff. Just let me know the address and when it arrives.
Michael Pedersen