Sunday, March 3, 2013

Lincoln-MILFord-DorCHESTer-(denton)-Lincoln - UPDATED!

The Annual Lincoln-Somewhere-Lincoln Ride will be on Saturday April 13th at 9 AM!
This will take place of the TOUR OF DIRT ROADS!!!!!!

The Details

First, we'll meet at PCL shipyard 2659 S11th Lincoln, NE.  Then we ride to Milford for a quick stop. If ya want to head back to Lincoln from here that's totally cool with us. Otherwise we will all head to Dorchester for some lunch at the local wtatering hole.  Its good eats.  Trust us (ummmm, I wouldn't recommend trusting Pirates).  And the views along the route to Dorchester are worth the trip. Curvy roads along the river, wood planked bridges and century old farms. RAD!! The total miles for the whole ride is around 74. Once we make it to Dorchester we are better than half done with the route. We will clip the outskirts of Denton on our return, if ya need something real bad feel free to stop. They have a great C store right in town. (Mill's Squeegee)I think. If ya do stop here remember to return to the route where ya left!

White Elephant

The Pirates have traditionally held a white elephant gift exchange at the end of the ride. If ya want something better bring something to exchange.

The Route

Here's a link to the map The Route. FEEL FREE TO MAKE CHANGES TO YOUR FILE IF YA NEED TO!! BEST IS TO PRINT OFF THE CUES!!!! We might have a cue sheet for you and we might not. I would bet we won't so print the map. Or print the cues below:

Cue Key R=Right L=Left

Start 2659 S. 11th Lincoln, Ne
R on Hill St
L on S. 8th
Under tunnel
R on bike path
R on Bison Trail
L on dirt path to Folsom St
L on S. Folsom St
R on W. Calvert St
L on S.W. 16th
R on W. Burnham St
L on S. Coddington
R on W. Claire St.
R on S.W. 56th
L on W. Pioneers
R on S.W. 112th
L on W. Van Dorn
R on S.W. 140th
L on W. 'A' St
L on 168th St
R on W Van Dorn
L on S.W. 182nd
**182nd Turns into Sunrise Rd.**
L on 238th/ Hwy into MILFORD(Pavement)
*MILFORD* Refuel.
Leave Milford North Back to Sunrise Rd
R on Sunrise Rd
* Stay right under train tracks*
R on 224th
L on Denton Rd
R on 210/Council Oak Rd
L on Yankee Hill Rd
R on 203
**203 turns into Rokeby Rd**
L on 205th
R on Saltillo Rd
sub out left on 238/1800 for left on 224/1900(if the road is open)  if not open, stay west on satillo/a  that will t out, then left on 1600.
R on A.A.
L on 1675
R on B.B.
L on 1700
L on B
L on 1600
R on DD
*Dorchester Lunch Time!!*
Leave Dorchester on DD
L on 1600
R on D
L on 2000
R on C
L on 2300
L on S.W. 168 th
R on W. Rokeby Rd
L. on 128th
R. on Beam Hill RD.
L. on 119 th
L on S.W. 98th **PAVEMENT**
Denton's on the right if ya need it
R on W. Old Cheney Rd
L on S.W. 40th
R on W. Claire
L on S. Coddington
R on W. Burnham
L on S.W. 16th
R on W. Calvert
L on S. Folsom
R on the Dirt Path to Bike Trail Bison Trail
L on 8th St under Van Dorn St
R on Hill St
L on S. 11th
*****2659 S. 11th St FINISH****


If ya have any questions feel free to e mail me. agammel4503@gmail dot com.  Hope to have a bunch of you all along for the trip!   Arrrrrrrrghhhh!


Rob said...

Route linkie not workie

Cornbread said...

Hmmmm...seems to work for me. Give 'er another try and lemme know if it still isn't working for you, Rob.