Thursday, May 23, 2013

Tour of Dirt Roads - We're gonna try this again!

Tour Of Dirt Roads VI will take place on May 25th 2013 at 9:00am in Cortland, Ne. Start at the city park. The park is located at the corner of W. 5th and Sheridan. The following link will take you to the whole route. Tour Of Dirt Roads VI. We will have a short route for the day . The following turn by turn cues include the short route. The map link does not include the short route. So if your not going the distance print the following cues off.
 The following are the turn by turn cues.... Print these for yourself.  YOU MUST PRINT YOUR OWN!!!
Cue Key R=right L= left

Start City Park
R on W. 4th
R. on S. Sherman
L on E. Ash
R. on S. 96th
L. on E. Aspen
L. on S. 110
R. on E. Ash
L. on S. 190th
R. on E Apple/737rd
L. on 609 ave
R. on 738 rd
R. on 612 ave
L. on 736 rd
R. on 613 ave
R. on 733 rd
R. on 612.50 ave
L. on 733.30 ave
Cross Hwy 41 into Sterling
Turns to Locust St.
R. on Main
L. on Broadway
R. on Maple to Kwik Shop.
L. on Maple
R. on Greenwood
L. on Depot
R. on Iowa
Next Left **NOT MARKED** 610 ave???
*****SHORT ROUTE******
R. on 733 turns into 607
R. on 732 turns into E. Buckeye rd
R. S. 176th
L. on E. Birch rd
R. on Jamaica trail
******LONG ROUTE******
L. on 733
R. on 610.50
L. on 730.50 NOT MARKED!!!!!!
R. on 611 ave
L.on 730 rd
R. on 612 ave
L. on 726.50 rd
***VESTA*** No Services
R. on 613 ave
L. on 726 rd NOT MARKED!!!!!
R. on 614 ave
R. on 723 rd
R. on 608 ave
***CRAB ORCHARD*** No Services
L. on Phelps
R. on 725 Thru Town
L. on 608.50
L on 726 rd
R. on 608 ave
L. on 727 rd
R. on 607 ave
L. on 729 rd
R. on 606 ave
L. on 730/ E. Cherry rd
L on S. 190th
R. on E. Chestnut
R. on S. 162nd
R. on E. Cherry
L. on 176th
L. on E. Birch
R. on 162
***ADAMS*** Refuel****
Out Main turns into S. 162nd
R. on E. Birch
R. and Jamaica Trail

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