Saturday, April 11, 2009

PCL Tour of Dirt Roads - Recap

We had a beautiful day for the Tour of Dirt Roads. Rain on Thursday created ideal dirt road conditions for the ride. No dust or mud, just sweet, sweet dirt.

The group rolled out of D Street around 9:20. The official headcount was 29. Usual suspects and a few faces we haven't seen in a while. Always great to see new faces.

Took awhile to get of out of town due to numerous pee breaks and one flat. Eventually the group found the first section of dirt just south of Saltillo road. I wasn't there, but I heard the pace picked up mightly a few times.

Road closed ahead.

Oh, that won't stop the PCL train.

Dirt roads rule!

Spilker Ales rules! Thanks for the Hopluia, Sam.

The crew rode most of the dirt roads on the course that was mapped out. A few sections were skipped for sake of saving time and getting to Cortland at a decent hour. The route was a bit longer than we had originally planned. Oops. Never trust my mileage estimates.

A few folks (Dave, Jim and Sam) rolled back in around 4:30ish to pick out a prize from the PCL prize vault. Not many made it back to D Street after the event. I'm sure most folks were over extended on time.

We've got plenty of PCL Tour of Dirt Roads (Second Edition) magnets courtesy of Dan Moore, Sam and Showen. Thanks again fellas! There are a few stickers left as well. Stop on by D Street to pick some up if you didn't get one today.

There are also some PCL Tour of Dirt Roads posters and maps available for FREE courtesy of Craig. Thanks dude!

PCL cotton T-shirts are available for 10 bucks. We've got medium and large sizes. Stop on by if you want one. Shot me an email and I'll be sure to be around the house.

The next Tour of Dirt Roads will take place sometime next year. We'll plan on hitting all the dirt roads on the route except the ones near Kramer for the next ToDR. That'll keep the route a little closer to 60 miles.

Thanks again to all that made the ToDR possible. Also thanks to all those who came by for the ride. Another great grassroots bicycle event based right here in Lincoln.

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