Wednesday, May 6, 2009

The Good Life Gravel Adventure

The Good Life Gravel Adventure has been moved to Saturday August 29, 2009. Please mark your calendars accordingly. The GLGA has been moved to accommodate the event promoters (The Ponca Ride is the weekend before the previously set date of June 27th).

Speaking of The Ponca Ride, all are welcome to join the Lincoln crew for a no drop ride up to Ponca State Park on Friday June 19th. We'll take off early on Friday (4 AM) and ride the 155 miles up to Ponca State Park and camp Friday and Saturday. The Psycowpath XC race is Saturday June 20th at Ponca State Park. On Sunday June 21st, the brave will ride back to Lincoln.

The GLGA will be approximately 135 miles of challenging gravel and dirt roads (with minimal tarmac) surrounding the great city of Lincoln, Nebraska. Small town convenience stores will serve as checkpoints and aid stations. Start and finish will be in Lincoln, Nebraska!

Riders will be required to purchase Nebraska Powerball Lottery tickets as proof of reaching a checkpoint. All Nebraska Powerball tickets will be collected and verified at the finish line. The tickets will then be pooled and any winnings split amongst the race participants.

All riders are own their own after leaving the start/finish area. This is a self-supported event. You are responsible for you. Please train accordingly and bring all the necessary gear and equipment. Fortunately, most checkpoints will be less than 30 to 40 miles apart. The checkpoints (small town convenience stores) will have ample refreshments for thirsty and hungry riders. Bring some cash along!

This is a FREE event (actually you will need to spend about 4 bucks on Nebraska Lottery tickets). There will be prizes and medals, but most importantly, there will be Gravel Glory.

Please shoot me an email if you are interested in coming to the Adventure. Please use The Good Life Gravel Adventure as the subject line and include your name, age, hometown and category (Open or Single Speed/Fixed). Email me at:

More details to follow soon!


GenghisKhan said...

Just came across your post. Sounds like a pretty cool event--I like the use of the lottery tickets as your checkpoint validation--smart!

Hope all goes well! Peace and happy trails!

Cornbread said...

Thanks for the well wishes. If you're in Nebraska in late August, stop on by for the Adventure!

GenghisKhan said...

Cool and thanks!