Sunday, August 23, 2009

The Good Life Gravel Adventure - Cue Sheet

Adobe pdf file of the cue sheet available here thanks to Rafal!

Alright folks, here it is. The cue sheet for the 2009 The Good Life Gravel Adventure. This is only a jpeg image. I don't have capabilities to post this as a Microsoft Word document on blogger. If you would like a copy of the Word document to set up a cue sheet for yourself, send me an email ( with the subject line of "GLGA". I encourage folks to make their own cue sheets, but I will have some available at the start if you choose not to do so. The cue sheets that I will have available will be on 8 1/2 x 11 standard letter paper in a landscape format. You can fold the cue sheet into a tri fold and place in a plastic bag for the event. I will try to make a simple map for the backside of the cue sheet as well.

A tip on reading the cue sheet....if the cue sheet indicates L on 112th St, that means once you reach the intersection with 112th St, you turn left. Continue on that road until the next turn.

As you can see on the map, the longest stretch before an aid station (convenience store) is the first leg at 43 miles to Valparaiso. The next section to Malcolm is only 23 miles. After Malcolm, Denton is only 15 miles away. Cortland is 24 miles away from Denton and the finish is 34 miles from Cortland. The mileages listed are approximate! Bikely estimates the mileage and we noted during our pre-ride that they are very close, but slightly low. A cyclocomputer would be a very useful tool for this event. For example, on Branched Oak Rd you have a 14+ mile stretch. The next turn after getting onto Branched Oak Rd is NW 40th St. Not, I repeat, not N 40th St which you ride by on Branched Oak Rd around mile 8 of the 14 miles prior to reaching NW 40th. Please be attentive at all intersections and look for street signs. There are two intersections on the route that do not have street signs. We have hopefully clearly explained where to turn at those intersections.

Please plan accordingly for water and food. And remember, you must purchase a Nebraska Powerball at the listed convenience store.

Below is a Bikely tool for you to check out the route as well. You can look at a bigger version of the Bikely map if you register for a Bikely account ( and look up "GLGA". Now you will notice that the total mileage is 140 which is slightly longer than we had originally intended. The first and last stretches of the event are relatively flat with the bulk of the rollers in the middle. There is a great mix of gravel, Minimum Maintenance Road dirt, a couple very small white rock sections, and minimal pavement. That's all I'm gonna say about the route. You'll have to find out the rest on Saturday!


Joe Fox said...

Corey and gang,
I can't wait for this event! I had a blast last year, and plan to do the same again on Saturday. See you this weekend.

Cornbread said...

Hey Joe! It's gonna be great to have you back in Lincoln for the GLGA. See you soon!

Steve Fuller said...

Viva La Gravel!!! Viva El Lincoln!! Viva El PCL!!!

Cornbread said...

It's gonna be a great day! The weather is shaping up nicely and the dirt roads should be dry by Saturday.

FYI, the Adobe pdf file has one error. For the "Directions to Cortland" section, the "No sign for SW 98th" should be followed by Left at T intersection NOT first left in parenthesis. Please adjust cue sheets accordingly if you downloaded the pdf file.

RD said...

The PDF has been fixed if you download it prior to reading this message you might reprint the sheet again. See you all on Saturday

Bigdave said...

Hi guys...have you ever tried Google Docs? If you have a blogger account then you have access to this cool tool. You can upload word or excel files that you can link to and restrict access to...check out the cue sheet at my site...

For the gravel race/ride on Oct 17 in the big O!