Thursday, August 27, 2009

The Good Life Gravel Adventure - Final reminders

Hey folks! The Second Annual The Good Life Gravel Adventure is here! Saturday August 29, 2009 at 6 AM from the Mopac Trailhead the adventure begins. Here are some final reminders and miscellaneous info.
  • Lincolnites, please ride to the Mopac Trailhead or have someone drop you off. I'd like to conserve parking spaces for out of towners.
  • All riders, please try to be at the Mopac Trailhead by 5:40 AM. This will allow for enough time to conduct a pre-ride meeting prior to the start. The ride will start at 6 AM sharp.
  • There will be a sign-in sheet for you to complete prior to the start. Nothing major, just sign your name, jot down your age and a cell number that I can reach you at during the ride (cell phone number in case of an emergency).
  • Please bring a white light for the front of your bike and a red tail light. Blinky lights are the minimum.
  • Please come prepared with tubes, tools, water, food, cue sheet, cell phone, etc.
  • Please bring enough money to purchase four Nebraska Powerball Lottery tickets (four dollars) in Valparaiso, Malcolm, Denton and Cortland. Those tickets will be collected at the finish. Any winnings will be split amongst all participants.
  • Also bring some cash for beverages and food at the convenience stores (checkpoints).
  • Please obey all traffic laws and stay to the right on the gravel roads. Especially when approaching the crest of a gravel climb! Automobiles have been known to travel very fast on the gravel roads.
  • Some dogs will give chase. Do not throw anything at the dogs! Treat them with respect as if they were your dog.
  • Come prepared to have a good time and most importantly, enjoy yourself!
See you Saturday morning bright and early!


James M. Peters said...

great time yesterday and thanks for organizing the race!

gravel glory lives on!

nds said...

indeed a great time. Thanks again!

Cornbread said...

Great job fellas! Congrats!