Tuesday, September 1, 2009

The Good Life Gravel Adventure - pics!

Thanks again everyone for the kind words and praise. We're just happy that you folks traveled to Lincoln to spend a beautiful late summer day riding bikes with us. We love the gravel roads surrounding Lincoln and also love to share those roads with folks such as yourselves. That's what keeps us motivated to keep putting on PCL events.

Here are some pics of the finishers. Unfortunately, I didn't get everyone at the finish. Also check out pics from John Mathias' wife in her Flickr set. If anyone else has pics that they want to share, send me an email and I'll put up a link.

Overall winner Troy Krause - Lincolnite

Second place - Jim Winklepleck - Lincolnite

"Honey, can you come pick me up?"

Third place - Jeremy Fry - Waterloo, IA

Fifth - John Vondracek, Fourth - Mike Marsh and Sixth - Trevor Madden - All Lincolnites

Since they all came in at the same time we had them draw straws with the medals to determine the order.

Seventh - Dave McLeod - Lawrence, KS and Eighth - John Mathias - Olathe, KS

Ninth - Joe Fox - Parkville, MO

That big smile says it all!

First place SS - Chris Hansen - Lincolnite

Chris laid down and didn't move much for about an hour after finishing. I was beginning to get worried. Great race Chris!

Tenth - Joel Dyke - Kansas City, KS

First place wicked sideburns award

Second SS - Jeff Bonsall - Lincolnite and 11th Mike Miles - Omaha

12th - Kevin Burke - Lincolnite and 13th - James Blake - Lincolnite

Longest ride of the year for both of these guys. Kevin rode his road bike to boot!

Third SS - Rafal Doloto - Omaha and 14th Scott Bigelow - Lincolnite

15th - Steve Fuller - Johnston, IA (no photo!)

(pictured above) 16th - David Rowe - Lincolnite, 4th SS - Warren Wiebe - Lawrence, KS, 17th - John Flynn - Lawrence, KS and 18th - Kirk Hutson - Lawrence, KS

Warren's poor front wheel with the Kevlar spoke fix. It was enough to get him to the finish. Note the front brake is disengaged.

Missing a pic of 19th - James Peters - Omaha, NE and 20th - Scott Bulfinch - Lincolnite

21st - Aaron Gammel - Lincolnite


First place Female - Janna Vavra - Lincolnite

The best finishing photo pose of the event

Fifth place SS - Nathan Swanson - Lincolnite!

SS 26 inch wheels!

Missing a pic of 2nd place Female Kelly Kostman - Lincolnite

Pictured above is 22nd - Kip L'Heureux - Lincolnite

I believe they both set personal distance records as well.

23rd - Gus Miller - Seward, NE and 24th - Steve Hurless - Lincolnite

26th - Steve McGuire - Iowa City, IA and 25th - Don Reed - Malvern, IA

6th place SS - Mike Beck - Lakewood, CO and 7th place SS - David Pals - Marengo, IA

27th - Pete Lira - Jacksonville, IL

28th - Oliver Banta - Lincolnite

Oly rekindled his love of gravel on Saturday!

Final finishers! 8th place SS - Matt Wills and 9th place SS - Jim Fobben - Lincolnites!

Hey! There's Steve!


MG said...

Way to go y'all!!!

An interesting aside... Joel Dyke was also the first place finisher on a self-built frame (a titanium one, nonetheless)! While some of the welds were a bit cobby, it was a well-designed and executed frame... It's proof that Joel has more to contribute to cycling than simply pedaling bicycles.

Steve Fuller said...

Joel's bike was a thing of beauty from the back. Those seat stays are sexily narrow.