Thursday, September 3, 2009

Lottery Ticket update from the GLGA

The PCL crew met tonight and went through all the 171 Nebraska Powerball Lottery tickets. Unfortunately, we didn't hit the big one and didn't come away with anything worth splitting amongst all the participants (unless you want some jingle - as in change). So if you were counting on retiring with our winnings, hopefully you didn't tell your boss to "Take this job and shove it!"

Thanks again to Nebraska Lottery for the scratch off tickets! BTW, did anyone get anything off those scratch offs?

Troy thanking our Nebraska Lottery sponsor at the first checkpoint in Valparaiso, Nebraska.

Scott Bulfinch's wife took a couple of pics that he has graciously shared with us (see below). The first is of the start and the second is of Scott finishing the event. The GLGA was Scott's personal record for longest ride. Very impressive!

The roll out from the Mopac Trailhead at 6 AM

Congrats Scott!


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This year you mysteriously showed up with a new vehicle, so rumor in the peloton that morning was that there'd be "no" winning tickets and that you'd somehow have a new home next year?! :)

Great race, great people, and thanks to the guy handing out bananas about 10 miles before the last checkpoint!