Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Gravel Worlds Jersey!

 2013 Gravel World Champion Jersey

You want one of these?  Well then you gotta earn it!  Only the first finisher* of each category will zip one of these jerseys on at the end of the day on Saturday August 24th.  The categories are:

Open men
Open women
Masters men (50 years of age+)
Masters women (40 years of age+) – Yes, 40 for the women
Single speed men (includes fixed geared bicycles)
Single speed women (includes fixed geared bicycles)


The PCL reserves the right to disqualify anyone for any reason.  Especially for uncool gravel etiquette.  Remember, we don’t care if you’re fast…we do care if you’re cool.  So be cool, cool?

*The PCL may also hand out discretionary jerseys.

Go to for more info!


munsoned said...

So how do I become "discretionary?"
: )

Cornbread said...

A sure fire way to get a discretionary jersey is the finish on a unicycle.

munsoned said...

Well then, I better go find a circus to join!

jamie said...

A unicycle, I have. Unfortunately, it is geared so poorly that I can jog faster than I can ride! Is there a time cap;)