Friday, July 18, 2008

The Good Life Gravel Adventure

The PCL will be hosting a gravel race/ride this late summer or early fall. Dates are being determined. The route will go through Crete, Wilber, Cortland, Denton, Malcolm, Valparaiso, Ceresco, Eagle and maybe a few more towns. The exact route and direction of attack are being determined. The final distance will be announced soon.

In keeping with PCL tradition and mission statement, there will be no entry fee. Riders will be required to purchase Nebraska Lottery Powerball tickets as proof of reaching a checkpoint (date and time are indicated on the ticket). Four lottery tickets should cover ya (not every town will be an official checkpoint). The local convenience stores will serve as the checkpoints which will also provide nutritional support for your $.

There may be some prizes, but no guarantees. Smiles and good times guaranteed. More to come...

As always, suggestions are welcome.


jim craig said...

Check the calendar and if there are no conflicts I can get some of the adventure crew there. Let me know if you need help with any of the counties.

Cornbread said...

Thanks Jim. I'm sure I'll be asking for some advice soon.

I need to figure out the best date and finalize the route. Probably end up being around 150 miles. Nothing too crazy.

Anonymous said...

we should work on the route saturday morn.
early ride?

Thew said...

Corey - an idea for a future PCL event:

Don't know if you check out the Surly Blog, but
And scroll down till you see a poster with a mushroom cloud. Read the text at the bottom.

Yeah, a scavenger hunt. For all I know something like this has gone down here before, but it looked like it could be a clusterfuckin' good time.

CJ said...

If the prospective date I heard was correct then I think I can make another PCL event. Hmmmm, 150mi....I find it a bit amusing that distance seems like "Nothing too crazy"..ha ha. Cornbread you are in hella good shape when 150 gravel mi seems like no big deal.

I hope to see you there.

Cornbread said...

Scavenger hunt is a great idea Matt. We did that last year for the Lincoln Fall Ride. Everyone seemed to enjoy it and maybe it'll happen again this year.

Chris, it'd be great to have ya along for the ride. Maybe we could convince Dave Draus to come along too.

CJ said...


I will mention the ride to draus the next time I ride with him!!

Peace out