Tuesday, July 1, 2008

PCL Tuesday Night Crit!

John takes the sprint finish.

Five (John, Kev, Troy, Jordan and myself) showed up and did laps on Tuesday night. Two fast laps with a sprint at the end. Small recovery for a couple of minutes and repeat. It hurt.

Janna and company showed up towards the end for Yoga session courtesy Lindsey. That was just as tough as the crit, but so rewarding. I could almost touch my toes afterwards.

We'd love to have more folks out there on Tuesday nights. Come on out and work on your cornering.


Adrian_O said...

Has anyone made t-shirts to sell?

Harp said...

What time do you guys usually go? I feel a need to be killed and embaressed

Cornbread said...

T-shirts are still available. $10. I've got the inventory at D Street. I'll post some details soon!

The Crit starts around 6 PM on the West side of the lot. Come on out and get some good intervals in!