Monday, August 16, 2010

Gravel Worlds! - Cue sheet and other misc. info

I've got more info for you landlubbers to digest! Here is a link to pdf file of the cue sheet (thanks again Rafal!). If you want a Microsoft Word copy, send me an email and I'll get ya a copy.

Also, if you need to drop out during the ride or need assistance (in case of an emergency), please call my cell number (402) 730-0912. Take that number with you during the ride and keep it safe. We don't want to wait around all night for you to finish so please give us a courtesy call if you pull the plug early.

An optional Friday afternoon check-in will be from 3 PM to 6 PM at a yet to be determined location. It will most likely be somewhere in downtown Lincoln. Riders will sign a waiver, pick up cue sheets (if needed) at the check in, and get their questions answered.

The start/finish area will not have lighting and will be rather dark at 5:15 AM. Please be extra careful getting into the parking area as there are numerous metal poles staked into the ground and littering the parking lot. I'm not exactly sure why those metal poles are there, but suspect they help mark parking stalls.

We will have an event tent near the entrance of the parking lot for final housekeeping issues. All riders must sign a waiver and also sign in by initially next to their name on the official list prior to the start. You can only sign in the morning of the event!

Topo info of the route thanks to Chris! 11,400 feet! Yikes!

The weather forecast is looking really amazing for Saturday. As of tonight the forecast is for a high of 86 degrees. We're getting rain tonight which will greatly improve the gravel conditions. It has been very dry here recently!

More info to follow later this week.

We'll be taking off around sunrise on Saturday and it should be a beautiful morning!


MG said...

thanks for the cue sheet rafal... see you all saturday.


Scott Kiddoo said...

Hey we get to downhill 2 miles more than we have to climb!!!!!!