Saturday, August 28, 2010

Gravel Worlds Powerball tickets!

First off, thanks again to everyone that either participated in or provided support/aid for the event. It couldn't have happened without ya.

Secondly, we're already looking forward to next year and would love to hear suggestions on how we can make things better. So if you got a suggestion either post it here or send me an email.

Finally, I have not gone through the Nebraska Powerball Lottery tickets as of yet. My assistant, Ruka, insists on playing around in the tickets for a couple of weeks first. Whatever. Hopefully this upcoming week some of the PCL crew members will get together and check the tickets. If you don't hear from us go ahead and assume we won nothing or we didn't win enough to be split 100 ways (all that participated will get a cut if we hit the big one). Aarrrgh!

1 comment:

Guitar Ted said...

Hey, I gotta a suggestion! I would require all participants to register the night before. That would make your morning of the event a lot smoother. Especially if this gets bigger than 100 riders.

The other benefit is that a place like Oso's (or where ever you have it), gets economic benefits and everybody meets folks they don't know but probably should.

Otherwise, a fantastic course and well organized/thought out.

Pat yerselves on the back, crack a cold one, and enjoy the fall. You guys deserve it!