Saturday, August 21, 2010

Gravel Worlds results - updated!

Women Open, Women SS and Women Master

Kelly Kostman (Women Open) and Janna Vavra (Women SS and first overall women) both of Lincoln, NE

Kim Carveth (Master Women) of Lincoln, NE

Men Open, SS and Master

Mike Marchand (Men Open and overall winner) of Kearney, NE

Chris Hansen (SS Men) of Lincoln, NE

Jon Vondracek (Master Men) of Lincoln, NE


Gunnar Rush and Wes Gregg (Tandem) of Decorah, IA

Worst pre-race mechanical, latest start and most beers drank while riding

T (Worst pre-race mechanical, latest start and most beers drank whiling riding) of Lincoln, NE


MG said...

I'm not going to protest now, but Mike Johnson finished behind me. He will tell you it was true too. I had breakfast with him and Guitar Ted this morning. I just saw these results and was very surprised to see Mike's name ahead of mine. But for 24th and 25th place, does it matter? Probably not.

MG said...

Great job everyone, BTW... And what an awesome course. Thank you Troy for putting it together.

Thanks to Corey, and to the folks at the multiple oasis. Also, CVO was the X-factor out there that made the heat barely tolerable. Thanks good buddy.


bruce said...

Thanks Corey and PCL and everyone who put this on. Great job! Much thanks to the Oasis folks including CVO. You all were lifesavers! Malcom-another great ride together! You got stronger with each beer! What's up with that? Scott-great job and great ride! Fun to have the company and share the adventure!


Malcolm said...

Again, as I said over on that social networking web site:

Dear PCL, you sure know how the throw one hell of a great event! Tons for fun, great people, great rides, thanks. Thanks to all that were involved, supported, attended, and participated, YOU made the event.

Bruce, great riding with you too buddy, I was feeling much better than the last time we rode, the new ss bike was feeling great. I hope we can gravel adventure more soon! I think the beers were helping, at least up until about 7 or so...

Scott, great riding with you, had a blast!

Rafal, you as well, hope the knees better.

Thanks to everyone again, both those I had the pleasure of meeting and riding with, as well as those I wish I would have gotten the chance to!!!

Thanks for the ironic jersey/photo, it needs to be modified to reveal its true meaning of Worst pre-race mechanical, latest start and most beers drank whiling riding...

Ride Again?? Soon?

bruce said...


Sorry abou the crash! hope you are OK!


john said...

Thank you Corey & everybody else for the great times. You Lincolnites have a great community up there. Looking forward to getting back up there for an event soon. Thanks again to Janna for pulling me the last 20 miles to the line. Frozen White Castle in Malcom was the ticket... to what I'm not sure?

Cornbread said...

Results updated! Sorry MG. I read a 2 instead of a 7 for Mike. My bad.

RD said...

It happen it's just bruised quad now... with some scrapes... it could of been worse all par for the course

Anonymous said...

Love the GRAVEL jerseys. Minimalistic, and classy.